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The First Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Trailer Looks Into The NSFW Future

OMFG! They actually made a sequel and I kinda wanna see it… don’t judge me…

Coolest Comic-Con Cosplay: The First 24 Hours

For those of us that wish we were at comic con, io9 has us covered. And this is just the first day…

Almost month since I’ve seen my guitar teacher and it’s like I never left…

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Cthulhu Absinthe shirt

Am I wrong for kinda wishing this was a real drink…?

according to my job mandated personality quiz, not only am I a cool blue I’m even cooler when I’m not trying… #SeemsLegit

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"I’m an alien by birth, my green card reads born hella far from Earth…" (at Planet Earth)
How does your mouth taste worse after using mouthwash…? When it’s fortified with fluoride… #gross

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Go to McDonald’s and eat over 2,000 calories of fatty crap and nobody gives a shit, but say you’re vegan and suddenly everyone is a fucking nutritionist.








But the titanic sank?

if only the titanic did that

too soon
Guardians of the Galaxy - new 5 minute clip

"What’s a raccoon?"

"What’s a raccoon? It’s what you are, stupid!"